VEOLO 4K isn’t only about delivering more pixels – it’s better in every way.

We chose hardware most suited to deliver the digital entertainment you and your family crave, then tinkered our software to bring out that very best experience. Integrated with Gigabit LAN and Dual-Band Wireless, all you have to do is select your favourite shows and kick back.

What is veolo_4k_icon?

Unlimited movies, tv shows, sports and more.

For all the tear-jerkers, rom-coms, and talk shows she loves.

Or the epic medieval fight scenes, warforged camaraderie that keeps him on tenterhooks late into the night.

Utilising an Android OS, VEOLO 4K delivers all of that, and then some. With apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus – not forgetting the plethora of apps available on Google Play Store – we’re spoilt for choice.

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It’s not just 4 times sharper.

Fall in love with your favorites all over again with UHD, that’s 4 times sharper than yesterday’s Full HD to be exact. With more than 8 million pixels coming alive in front of you, movie nights are never the same again.

Highly advanced technologies of most UHD TVs such as LED illuminated LCD panels in the form of local dimming, or full array dimming systems mean that you also benefit from dramatically improved picture brightness and contrast.

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Top Notch Hardware.

The flagship RK3288 Quad-Core Cortex-A17 SoC (system on chip), powering the latest Mali-T764 GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM & 16GB Flash supplies all the processing and graphics prowess necessary for today and tomorrow’s entertainment needs.

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Did you say buffering?

VEOLO 4K sports a Gigabit LAN port and has Dual-Band Wireless built-in so you can stream that next episode as soon as it is available.

Sounds and effects.

For the ones who know how best to enjoy a movie. Ones who are sensitive to decibels and frequency response. The true movie buffs and TV junkies. S/PDIF & HDMI bitstream for the VEOLO 4K supports up to 5.1 systems, with downmix for 2.0 setups – this means you can simply connect the VEOLO 4K Media Player to any of your current TVs and start right away.

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More Features?

Codecs & formats support

Ask any self-respecting home entertainment guru and they’ll tell you AC Ryan’s media players always support the most codecs and formats.

We kept true to that tradition, bringing together a plethora of technology to bring you decoding for H.264, H.265 (thats most 4K content), native playback for MP4, MKV & ISO.


Rock your creativity and transform VEOLO 4K into your very own customised entertainment warmachine. Mix and match peripherals with Bluetooth 4.0, USB, SD Card & Micro-USB.

User Experience

Proprietary User Interface (UI) designed from the ground up, by the AC Ryan team. Avid movie buffs and TV junkies ourselves, we designed this UI with fellow movie lovers in mind.

Simple, intuitive and fuss-free – this is the result of countless late nights at the office, hundreds of cups of coffee, and the experience we gained throughout the years being the expert in digital home entertainment.