Sing it with Mixx.

With Mixx karaoke mixer, everyone can enjoy home karaoke, no matter what your home
entertainment setup is like. Mixx karaoke mixer works with any speaker system or media source,
making it super easy to enjoy karaoke.

Karaoke with any speakers

It doesn’t matter what make & model speakers you have. Supercharge your home entertainment with
Mixx karaoke mixer for endless hours of home karaoke.

Bonus: Connect Mixx with Moment Karaoke Soundbar for 4P wireless karaoke fun!
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Wireless Microphones

Mixx karaoke mixer comes with its own pair of wireless microphones, so you and your family
can enjoy all the fun without the fuss!

All the bells and whistles.

In spite of its small footprint, Mixx karaoke mixer packs all the necessary features key to a
karaoke mixer – distortion-free audio performance, dedicated microphone gain controls,
echo & music volume controls – allowing you to enjoy karaoke in the comfort of your home.
Plug in your own wired microphone for a 3-way karaoke party!

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