Karaoke Boombox+

Karaoke Boombox+
Bigger . Louder . Bolder

5″ loudspeaker with a 30 Watts Power on the go.

Double up!

The Karaoke Boombox+ sports an AV output port so you can connect to other speakers.

Longer playtime with friends and families.

4000mAh Lithium Battery lasting 10 hours of playtime*.
Micro USB charging means you can easily extend outdoor playtime with any portable charger.
* Based on medium volume without light on and running on Bluetooth or USB mode.

Tech Specs

Setting the mood with chroma LED lights.

Use the chroma LED effects for occasions that matters.

Karaoke and more!

The AC Ryan Karaoke Boombox+ also comes with a slew of features like:l

1. FM Radio function

2. Bluetooth function

3. USB auto playback function

4. Mirco SD playback function

5. Karaoke mode with echo contro

Everyone loves to sing!

Although the AC Ryan Karaoke Boombox+ comes with 2 wireless auto-pairing UHF mics.

You can always connect another 2 wired mics to make 4-p karaoke fun! We know you need it whenever you host a karaoke party somewhere.

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