The best of the best in Karaoke System.

Non-streaming home karaoke system with no monthly subscription.

Made by Singaporean for Singaporeans – We are karaoke fanatics too, so we know what songs you like. The AC Ryan KTV comes with a build-in harddisk with all your favourite karaoke songs.

Multi-languages menu suitable for everyone – Chinese, English, Malay and many more.

User Friendly Interface – similar to those commercial KTV systems found in pubs and clubs. Search your fav song or singer using on-screen keyboard, PinYin or Mandarin Telegraphy Recognition System A.K.A 手写.

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15.6” Touchscreen, compact and sleek design.

Sing like a pro with Key / Pitch Control, Voice Assist, Effects & Scoring.

Remote Control for AC Ryan KTV – using iOS/Android App, now everyone can pick and choose their songs using their smart devices while others sing. No more crowding around the touchscreen.

Transfer your old karaoke DVD into our system – via USB copy function, our AC Ryan KTV can auto sort your old songs into the library.

Voice Recording Function* – Record your voice into the AC Ryan KTV and watch back the MTV with you as the singer or copy into a USB flash drive and listen to your own singing.

*Additional audio equipment might be needed for some set-up.

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Fully Compatible

AC Ryan KTV comes with VGA, RCA and HDMI ports suitable for any home karaoke systems.

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Get the Perfect Combination

AC Ryan Moment Gen2 Karaoke System with AC Ryan KTV Karaoke Player.

The AC Ryan KTV is available in AC Ryan Showroom or get it delivered to your doorstep.

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