Singapore, May 2013 – AC Ryan today launched the future of digital home entertainment, VEOLO2 Smart Android Hub.

Users can expect a redesigned UI (User Interface) that is entirely different from its predecessor VEOLO, which utilised a standard Android interface. 6 big icons litter the home screen (Media, Games, Fav, File Manager, Browser and Google Play) allowing for ease of navigation. There are also some smaller shortcuts commonly found on Android OS like App Drawer, Settings and Task Killer.

AC Ryan VEOLO2 combines the most demanded functions to provide a complete digital home entertainment device like never seen before – apps, internet browsing, media streamer as well as video chat, all on your TV. VEOLO2 runs on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean platform, enhancing users’ experience with apps on a TV, and that includes games and social media. A built-in web browser allows viewing of your favourite websites. Stream your library of music, movies and photos in Full HD with wired LAN or built-in Wi-Fi, all from the comfort of your couch. An ARM Cortex A9 1.6GHz Quad Core processor together with onboard 1GB DDR3 RAM allows VEOLO2 to operate at lightning-fast speeds. Connect a USB webcam to enable video chat on your TV via apps like Skype. VEOLO2 also comes built-in with 8GB of storage which is further expandable with USB hard disks or MicroSD Cards.

A specially designed bottom casing gives users the option to mount the player onto the wall. VEOLO2 comes bundled with VEO Navigator – an omnidirectional full RF (Radio Frequency) remote control that doesn’t require line-of-sight, omitting issues commonly associated with conventional IR (Infrared) controls. This means users have the option to hide the VEOLO2 neatly behind their TV to save precious space.

The VEO Navigator is powered by a 6-axis gyroscope enabling motion control for on-screen navigation and gaming. A QWERTY keyboard residing on the flip side makes browsing and chatting a breeze. VEO Navigator encompasses all the functionality of a wireless keyboard, mouse and motion controller, packed into one stylish, uncluttered controller. Another notable feature is the built-in rechargeable lithium battery, eliminating hassle of buying and changing batteries.

AC Ryan VEOLO2 is available in stores June 2013. Ask your local electronics expert for availability, or visit for an overview of retail outlets.

The Suggested Retail Price for VEOLO2 is: $269