The Best soundbar for home karaoke.

Cluttered free karaoke

Moment (Gen2) is a compact home karaoke sound bar that comes with a built-in mixer, complete with a pair of wireless microphones & subwoofer for that perfect karaoke experience. The Moment (Gen2) also works as a regular sound bar for movies or music enjoyment. 

Totally D.I.Y karaoke system with set-up time of less than 5 minutes. No need expensive and bulky audio equipment that usually needs expert audio knowledge to set up.

Connect to POPSICAL TV to access more than 200,000 songs and get regular updates of new songs monthly.

Also can connect to AC Ryan 4K Ultra Android player to access unlimited karaoke apps from the Google PlayStore, in multi-languages too!

You can also connect to your own karaoke devices like Karaoke DVD/VCD, karaoke players or even your smartphones and tablets.

Bring out the inner singer in you.

Whether you’d like to rock to the latest Top 40s, or showcase your own rendition of a classic, the possibilities are endless.

That’s what makes Moment awesome. Find a song you like on YouTube and jam away solo, or with friends.

Sometimes liquid courage is recommended.

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Clean Sound, Powerful Bass.

We do not compromise on the sound quality when it comes to singing.

That’s why we have a separate wireless subwoofer for achieving that clean sound with powerful bass effect.

So you can hit all your pitch perfect notes all the time.

We found that most of the sound bars in the market lack mid-bass, often heard with snares and certain types of drums – especially so at the 180 – 200hz range. Utilizing hardware and software tuning, Moment (Gen2) represents sounds as they should be heard, for a clean, crisp audio experience.

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Dedicated speakers to hit the right notes.

You know how people say music is a universal language?

Well, so is singing. Belt out any songs in pitch perfect tone with our dedicated speakers.

A pair of 3″ drivers focuses on vocals and mid-frequency notes, while two 1″ soft dome tweeters supply the high notes (up to 20kHz). We then dedicated the 6.5″ driver in Moment wireless subwoofer (Gen2) to handle all low notes, cutting off at 180hz, resulting in a deep, clean-sounding bass that you can enjoy for hours.
Moment Karaoke Sound bar (Gen2), in spite of its 16” footprint, is a sound bar with audio prowess capable of filling up an entire room.

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Wireless Microphones.

Moment (Gen2) wireless microphones uses multi-band UHF frequencies, you are able to switch from 30 different frequencies, minimising occurrences of a signal conflict amongst other UHF products in the household, or when deployed in hotels or condominiums.

Designing our microphones, we made sure to be extra critical of today’s microphones. That’s why we designed Moment’s microphone to include volume controls, so you don’t have to reach for the remote control every time it’s your turn to sing.

And because we are karaoke enthusiasts ourselves, we included active feedback cancellation into Moment’s microphones.

Lastly, we included a microphone charger so you can ensure 24/7 singing without changing batteries all the time.

So you can sing a duet in harmony without fear of that irritating, high pitch feedback when 2 microphones are near each other.

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Compatible with any device.

Moment Karaoke Sound bar (Gen2) connects to any device you have, and produces quality audio no matter the connection. The built-in AUX port as well as Optical Audio port accepts connection with your analog or digital devices. Bluetooth 4.2 technology provides quality audio when streaming wirelessly.

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3D Surround for realistic movie effects.

Utilising technology from 3D Surround, we tuned Moment™ (Gen2) for peak performance, accurate extraction and placement of audio cues, resulting in a realistic and immersive virtual surround experience.

The post-processing and psychoacoustic techniques implemented for bass and dialog enhancement with 3D Surround provides a high frequency definition for maximum realism and clarity to complete the audio entertainment experience.

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Perfect for Gaming too.

Moment (Gen2) is designed to fit under most desktop monitors – it is even compact enough to sit on a stool – yet provide enough oomph for sounds and effects.

Heart-pumping bass provided by Moment (Gen2) wireless subwoofer and 3D Surround technologies enhances your gaming experience, making sure audio cues are placed more accurately – so you can not only see, but hear and feel your enemy approaching. Never lose sight of the objectives again.

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EQ Personalised.

Whether you’d like to attempt those high falsetto notes, feel the explosion as the fighter jet flies by, or quietly catch up on the latest Game of Thrones episode while your baby naps.

That is why we carefully thought out 4 preset equaliser modes which should cover most moments. In case that’s not enough, Moment (Gen2) comes with a free Moment (Gen2) app where you can customise your own equaliser settings to your liking.

Utilising the free Moment (Gen2) app on your iOS or Android device, a full spectrum equaliser lets you adjust finer things such as treble and bass, volume and even echo levels for the microphones.

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How Moment (Gen2) kills the competition.