AC Ryan Warehouse Sale

The bi-annual AC Ryan Warehouse Sale is taking place from 24th to 28 June.

Enjoy up to 80% off AC Ryan, Creative, TDK, Imation & Pixeplay brand products! Use your AC Ryan Warehouse Sale vouchers for any purchase, no minimum spend required. *

– Trade-in your old AC Ryan media players for the latest models *
– FREE AC Ryan Golf Umbrella with purchases over $200
– Purchase with purchase offers
– Gift with purchase offers

The bi-annual AC Ryan Warehouse Sale will be held at 60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark #06-03 Singapore 415979, from 24th June (Wed) to 28th June (Sun), 10am to 6pm.

Brand New
Product Model Usual Promo
VEOLO 4K VE94000 S$299 S$199
Playon!HD Essential PV73500 S$139 S$99
Playon!LIVE PV78100 S$129 S$99
Playon!HD3 PV73901 S$249 S$199
Playon!HD Mini3 PV73920 S$199 S$159
KURO Smart Player KSP79 S$299 S$189
KURO TV KTV02 S$199 S$129
Tab 7X VT97001 S$149 S$59
Tab 7+ VT97210 S$199 S$79

Trade-in your old AC Ryan media players for further discounts when you purchase a brand new media player!

Trade-in prices
Product Model Trade-in value
Playon!HD PV73100 S$20
Playon!HD Mini PV73200 S$20
Playon!LIVE PV78100 S$20
VEOLO VE91200 S$20
Playon!HD2 PV73700 S$30
Playon!HD Mini2 PV73800 S$30
Playon!DVRHD PV76120 S$30
Playon!HD3 PV73901 S$30
Playon!HD Mini3 PV73920 S$30
VEOLO2 VE91400 S$40
KURO Smart Player KSP79 S$40
Display Sets (30 days warranty)
Product Model Usual Promo
Playon!HD PV73100 S$199 S$50
Playon!HD Mini PV73200 S$169 S$49
Playon!DVRHD PV76120 S$279 S$99
Playon!HD2 PV73700 S$249 S$79
Playon!HD Mini2 PV73800 S$199 S$69
VEOLO VE91200 S$299 S$39
VEOLO2 VE91400 S$329 S$99
Tab 7 VT97100 S$169 S$29
Tab 7.2 VT97210 S$199 S$49
Tab 8 VT98200 S$299 S$59
Tab 9.7 VT97710 S$349 S$69
Product Usual Promo Remarks
Creative Roar S$299 S$189 FREE Carrying Bag
Creative Roar 2 S$329 S$199 FREE Carrying Bag
Creative Muvo mini S$109 S$79 Avail in Black/ White/ Red
Creative Airwave HD S$199 S$59 Avail in Red
Creative WP250 Bluetooth Headset S$79 S$69 Limited Stocks
GigaWorks T3 S$249 S$199 Limited Stocks
GigaWorks T40 Series II S$249 S$99 Limited Stocks
HS 660i2 S$45 S$10 Avail in Green
Product Usual Promo Remarks
USB 2.0 FLASH DRIVE 16GB S$18.90 S$9.90 Sleek
Micro SDHC Card S$11.90 S$5.90 8GB
Micro SDHC Card S$10.90 S$4.90 4GB, Class 10
Micro SDHC Card S$12.90 S$6.90 16GB, Class 10
SDHC Card S$10.90 S$4.90 4GB
Portable HDD S$129 S$99 1TB
5600mAh Power Bank S$59 S$24.90 Avail in Black/ White
8400mAh Power Bank S$69 S$36.90 Avail in Black/ White
TDK Boombox A73 S$499 S$199 EU Version
TDK TREK MAX S$299 S$169 Avail in Black/ White/ Red
TDK Portable A33 S$299 S$99 EU Version
TDK TREK MICRO S$89 S$39 Avail in Black/ White/ Red

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* While stocks last. No minimum spend required for AC Ryan & Pixeplay products. Terms and conditions apply. Trade-in applicable only with AC Ryan and/or Pixeplay media players. Trade-in items must come with working remote control and power supply.