Defining Digital Entertainment

Our corporate philosophy is “Defining Digital Entertainment”. It reveals our passion in delivering the best in digital lifestyle and entertainment.

User Focus

We dare to be different, yet are always relevant with a staunch focus on our consumers’ lifestyle needs and demands.

About Us

Design and user experience fanatics. We like it simple, intuitive and fuss-free, especially so when it comes to designing every AC Ryan product – because life is stressful enough. We innovate and develop products with superior specs & functionality, responding directly to consumers’ needs.

Through the years, we amassed a wealth of experience getting to know users and their behaviours, burning through countless late nights at the office and hundreds of cups of coffee, to become the expert in digital home entertainment we are today.


AC Ryan started out as a Dutch brand in the late 1990s with our flagship Promodding series of DIY personal computer (PC) accessories. Coming into the early 2000s, we added Prodata – Alubox enclosures and MobiliT portable power banks to our computer accessories line of products – one of the first brands to discover the need and importance of portable batteries.

In 2008, having identified HDTV’s impending march towards being a mainstream product, we sprung into action and created what was sorely lacking – Playon!HD, a media player capable of handling most all video format types in Full HD, the first of its kind in this world. We expanded upon this success and continued to offer a series of award winning media players under the Playon! and VEOLO brands to became a market leader in this segment.

Consolidating the brand and shifting our headquarters to Singapore in 2014, we established AC Ryan as an international Singaporean brand. As part of our dedication to stay relevant in today’s digital landscape, we took the chance to streamline our product line, allowing better focus on delivering digital home entertainment to consumers – the very essence of AC Ryan.

Recently in December 2015, AC Ryan successfully created the Moment Karaoke Soundbar – another first of its kind – bringing good, affordable audio and a true karaoke experience to homes and offices around the world.

We are proudly headquartered in Singapore, where all products are conceptualised and eventually sold in over 30 countries.