Upsize your 4K Ultra Storage Space to 80GB!

Now you can upsize your AC Ryan 4K Ultra internal storage space from 16GB to 80GB at only $40 (U.P. $59). Please request for this option in our showroom @ Sim Lim Square #04-09 today!

Retro Mini – Retro style in modern living

AC Ryan Retro mini – the most versatile retro speaker is here! Hand-crafted wooden cabinet and packed with features like alarm clock, FM radio, BT and USB inputs with headphone out function. There’s also a Bass/Treble control for customized sound. Hear a demo at our showroom @ Sim Lim Square #04-09 today.

Retro 2 – Sound so good you want to share!

AC Ryan Retro 2 is here! Sporting a golden thread woven mesh and soft leather design with 20 watts poweful stereo speakers. Built-in preset equalizer settings, Bluetooth and FM receiver. Listen to a demo now at our showroom @ Sim Lim Square #04-09!