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 [BETA]_Firmware_Playon!HD Mini2_PV73800 v9.5.5.r4585 
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Hi guys,

I own the HD mini2 since a week now, and flashed to the second most recent firmware. I have tried playing around with the movie-info-tool (YAMJ or something?) but it does not work.

First of all, when I try to open the file after creating the 'moviesheets' on my mini2, it says that it needs 'write permission'. As far as I know, it has all rights there are, so write permission should be included in that.

However, when generating the moviesheets, I already noticed that it will not work as I would like it to, so I thought I'd come and see if I can drop my idea here.

The point is that I have multiple harddisks, 4 to be exact, on which my media is stored. Let's say that on disk 1, I have movies, and on disk 2, I have animation movies (like finding nemo, cars, etc).

If I generate moviesheets for both movies and animation movies, it will create 2 directories, 1 on each harddisk.

If I want to see the moviesheets for 'movies' on my mini2 box, I will have to go to that file on my box, and then activate it. However, if after that I want to view the sheets for animation movies, I need to manually go to the other location where that specific file is stored, and then activate it. I don't like it that way.

What I would like, is that I am able to generate the sheets for any newly added movie, but all the sheets (so both movies and animated movies) are stored in 1 place, instead of 2 places, or, as it is in my case, in 4 places since I have 4 harddisks.

Next to that, it would be nice that if you are in your moviesheets, so you see all the nice pictures of the movie, and then if you click on a movie, it will start that movie, no matter on what physical harddrive that movie is stored.

So, for instance, let's say that all my generated moviesheets are together in 1 directory, that is present on harddisk 1. I start the overview, and I select the movie Finding Nemo. That movie however, is not present on harddisk 1, but on harddisk 2. It would be nice that it would simply start the movie that you select, no matter on what location that file is located.

1. Do I make any sense? :grinning:
2. Is it possible to realize the above? :?:

Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:13 pm
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