New firmware has been released for the Playon!HD, Playon!HD Mini, Playon!DVR-HD, Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini 2. The firmwares has numurous fixes and additional options and features. The entire changelog can be found by scrolling down in this post.

The firmware however also included two much requested new features; shortcuts to internal harddrives, external USB drives and network locations as well as an auto HDD spin down feature which will spin down your internal/external HDD when inactive for selected duration of 5 to 30 min. To change the spin-down time;

  • Press ‘SETUP’ on your remote control and enter the setup menu
  • Go to the ‘MISC’ tab by pressing next / previous chapter on the remote control
  • Go to the option ‘HDD Spin Down’ and press ENTER on the remote
  • There you can choose between 5 min, 15 min or 30 min. If you don’t want your HDD to spin down, simply select OFF. After the first firmware upgrade, this feature is by default set to OFF.

Shortcuts are now available for those who do not want to go continuesly go deep into their network or HDD structure. Simply add the folder to your shortcuts and with 1 simple click you landed at the location you want to be. How does it work:

  • While in the file browser, go to the location you would like to add.
  • Press ‘MENU’ on the remote control, an option menu will popup.
  • Navigate to the option ‘Add to Shortcuts’ and press Enter on the remote control. When you do not have this option in the options menu, you can most likely not add the location to the shortcuts. Known locations that cannot be added for example, are locations where you have to choose media, partition, workgroup.
  • When the location is added, a notification will popup, saying; “Successfull”
  • The next time you would like to browse to this location, simply choose ‘SHORTCUTS’ from the main menu instead of the File Manager. Here are all the shortcuts listed that you have made.
  • If you want to remove the shortcut, simply press the SELECT button or RED button on your remote control (depending on your model)

Gui Shortcuts

A screenshot of the Shortcuts GUI

Firmware Downloads

AC Ryan Playon!HD – ACR-PV73100

AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini – ACR-PV73200

Download Firmware View Changelog Download Firmware View Changelog

AC Ryan Playon!HD2 – ACR-PV73700

AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini 2 – ACR-PV73800

Download Firmware View Changelog Download Firmware View Changelog

AC Ryan Playon!DVRHD – ACR-PV76120

Download Firmware View Changelog
By Harro
12 August 2011

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